The case of the child Maryam, sexual assault in the Kindergarten of Koblenz, Germany Pedophilia

hello I am Mariam MotherI am here today to talk with you about a very I am here today to talk with you about a very important and critical subject and want every family here in Germany to Take my word very seriously this subject Briefly is about Sexual abuse on my child in the Kindergarten in Koblenz I will speak about some points and hope to understand my words clearly first think my child have to say that my child take a bath in Kindergarten they take off her clothes and take a bath in Kindergarten and then a female teacher takes her and dressed her White dress, shoes, and crown and then she asked to go to a Specific room and tell her to go there and do what every the man over there ask you to do my child go there and then they undress her then she gets back to the teacher and asked her, please the man over there have undress my underwear please ask him to give me my underwear this is not morally then the female teacher takes her back to the man and order my child to follows the manโ€™s orders then my child told me that the man Anoint the body with oil then the man but cheese on her organs and anusand then he eats it and licks her back and then he put his penis inside her in front and back.

and he even uses some tools in her front and back.

after searching for what she describes i found that it is a sex tool then the child Describes the place that it has a lot of beds and a lot of lighting Also, there are some people with camerasand she was filmed and then the female teacher has shown her The clip that was filmed and also she says that there was a Group sex between all the female teacher in this Kindergarten and strange men and mention that there are other children that Are being Raped not only my child but there is anther kids now there is another family that The harm was inflicted on them after this, my child says that theysex Assault all parts of her body on her face, eye, and nose and then she showed her approve of what she said they filmed her in many places in the flower and bed This is very painful for me, as her mothers, to describe to you and then she has been She was assaulted by more than one man She says she fainted, only to find that her face was covered in strange hot water on her month and her bodythe poor girl say She fainted to find something strange around her and screams because of that fainted to find blood coming out of her fron the front and back She kept crying and screaming and did not calm down until they stopped Give her some Candy then they move them to another room but them on the wall Spits on them hit them, and kick them to force them having sex with these people what I understand that they are drugged or half-asleep have drugged case she said that they give them Candy, gum and Coffee filled with foam they give her a hot candy and hot coffee the last time they give her candy she throws it without their knowledge because of that, she understands everything happen to her She also said that she was injected with a syringe all over her body especially in articular and in her vagina and butt And give her a stone to bite while doing that To bear the pain my child after this find Difficulty in urinating and defecating She has wounds in the back and she even can not sit down to just get the medicine So I beg you all what I say is the truth No matter how hard I try, I cannot fully describe the hell pain that my child lives in The pain we feel what you must now that Mariam is a very good and clever girl if she sees anything for one time she could remember it so she asks me to take her back there To tell you the people who did it my child has said all that happen to her And I have concluded that they are Sex Traders and if these people are Sex Traders they will not care about child The child's nationality, societal affiliation, or religious orientationthey only care about money what happens to my child today will happen to any other child the next day and I can not describe to you how I feel God AlmightyThese people are not human, they are monsters in human form what they do to children is just happen by monsters They do not even deserve to Belongs to humanity my daughter was sexually assaultedBy a group of people 3 to 5, not mention the female teacher they gangbang her they use All means for this, either naturally or by using tools, pathing they violation her body in The ugliest ways you can never imagine This is the ugliest thing a parent can live with after hearing it so I hope to reach to every family here in Germany what happens to my child could happen to any other child out there and you may or may not now Believe me that it will happen to your children thank you for your listeningAnd grow your prayers for healing for my daughter And she can forget this experience to be able to lead a normal life.

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