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hello everybody welcome to it's a crime for those of you who don't know me i'm linda and today we   are going to chat about the suzanne morphy case as you know suzanne morphew has yet to be found   and it's time for her to come home i'm sure all of you would agree so what i'm gonna do is we're   gonna do a little interactive live stream today and it is usually interactive really but what i'm   wanting or looking for is some information so i've been working on the timeline as you guys   know and you know how much i like timelines the issue is we need to fill in some of the blanks   and one of the things that has been really weighing on my mind is i really want to help   i really want to help figure something out so that we can help suzanne come home and the only   way i really know to do is to connect the dots that's how i can contribute i think and i think   i'm stuck in canada i obviously can't go to the states and i can't slap on those hiking boots   as you know andy has done a really great job of gathering everybody and going looking   so we have uh you know here we are and the only way i can think of is connect the dots   only i need more information to help so hello everybody i want to say hi to you as well i know   tomorrow is thanksgiving here in canada so for all of you canadians out there who are celebrating   happy thanksgiving i know the americans uh in the states i believe it's in november   so i'm seeing some people coming in from florida from ireland really awesome john says linda we're going to need a president of the united states shortly i   think you should move here so we can vote for you that would be very interesting   if i was president i don't think i think i would do things a lot differently i'd be a lot different all right so   and we can talk about other cases as well today but i do want to climb in some of this   with suzanne as it's important and she's still missing and from scotland look at you guys go   linda 2024 oh good jeanette welcome it's your first time in in my live stream so a lot of   times what i like to do in my live stream is have a lot of things prepared today it's prepared in   a different way because we have the timeline and there's a few things that i would love to connect   the dots and you guys are super smart and if you're following this case you are following   other videos other information you're digging and so why not do this all together right   hello everybody look it's so awesome to have you guys here what is it it's a sunday afternoon and i   actually have been out of town the last two days even though you got a video yesterday i've been   out of town i was celebrating my son's 18th birthday so we took him on a little two-day   or trip and we just got home today so um it was really lots of fun and i can't believe he's 18   and it's super weird but you know it's great as well so teamwork makes the dream work absolutely   and there's jason in the house hello jason nice to nice to see you again he's the one who coined the   phrase leave it to linda li2l yes i do have an 18 year old and i have a five-year-old as well best comment of the day if linda became president that means i would be the first lady mr linda says   nope that's really good all right so um let's dive in let's get into it one of the things   that i want to start off with well is two things remember in the beginning of the suzanne morphy   case there was chat about barry going to denver on a fire training trip now i remember that we   spoke about that because we got it uh basically the information in the beginning here's what i   want to know i want to know who said that was it barry that said it who did he say it to and when   and so that's one of the things crystal dawn is talking first one thing as i found it interesting uh street view   google maps around their church behind their church was a cement mixer truck interesting interesting i'm not old enough look at that i'm not old enough to have an 18 year old   thank you all right so i'm so glad to have you guys in here and hanging out with me   so that's one of the things that's been on my mind and it's interesting because i do remember   that as we all thought he was on fire training and then every then actually uh the fire chief   robert bertram said no he wasn't on fire train or he said actually there wasn't any training uh from   them that he knows of and especially it's during covid and all these things but it did change right so let's just i'm just gonna keep checking the comments if you guys to   um if you guys are asking some questions and that kind of thing so um i thought it was barry to the   police i'll look for it awesome thank you so much um that's one of the things i thought too in the   beginning but i'm not so sure and i want the facts and i want to find that little info snack out also   in the beginning what is the other thing i wanted to know um that's a big part of it because i want   to know how that changed why it changed who said it if it is in fact from very then we got an issue   and maybe it was just somebody saying oh i think he went on a volunteer uh firefighting   training or he was doing training on his own i do want to know the source of course oh this is funny there is word that out that someone is trolling with the name denny lynch   okay so here's where that came from because you guys are probably starting to hear the buzz   it was actually on one of my videos he was not nice he was very very much not nice however i   was pretty pretty um pleasantly surprised at some of the youtubers uh coming in and let's just say responding to denny's answers and it's not the first time i did a little search not   the first time danny's decides to be mean and um but we we gave it back to him let's just say so   and he hasn't answered since so i think he's okay one of the people thought it was actually   barry and it was actually tyson who came to the rescue in the response because it sounded   a lot like barry so that's where that came from i don't know what the buzz is around so   um yes i heard about this donna spoke about a ghost town or an abandoned cabin where there was   a fire what's very very interesting to me about this and for those of you who aren't sure uh what   you mean uh oh you am i i am you you and my imu i think that's how you do it it's like one of those   um what do you call it it's like the license plate figuring it out okay so so she's talking about   donna reverend donna serafina i know a bunch of people have been talking about this video   and um or i think there's a series of videos i haven't listened to them all but i'm diving in   um who donna is she actually did the uh she did an outstanding job of laurie valo day bell case   and she was actually um got it right down to like how the children were killed so it was   it was quite amazing and what she found so she has done some videos on suzanne moorfiew   now what's interesting about this is how she was talking about a ghost town and an abandoned cabin   what i had found was um and i didn't know this at the time but this is a ghost town oh sorry i'm not   saying this is the ghost town she's talking about what i'm saying is what i found was that there is   a there was a fire on may the 4th um that also involved a cabin and that what they said was there   was a branch that landed i believe it was on power lines or something like that and there was a fire   and then a bunch of firefighters went to fight this fire and it was   this now i don't know if that's what don is talking about um but this was what i had seen and   i had wondered in my previous videos if this was the um if if barry was actually firefighting on   this fire because he is a volunteer firefighter so i'm not sure if the answer is yes or no if   you do know the answer then please feel free to put that in the comments below and just say yes   he was a firefighter that night if you know for sure so um and then how you know that yeah so sherry says i remember that too about the fire training was in the news right i   just don't know where it actually came from the actual source was it barry was it somebody else um tamara says barry said that and then it was debunked by the fire chief and a new story came   out it was for a landscaping job okay so i saw where the fire chief said you know we didn't we   didn't weren't doing anything official sometimes firefighters go do something on their own or   something so this is very very interesting because kind of like the theory of the mountain lion that   changed into the abduction so i was curious about this and i'm going to write this down   because i want to remember about this and if you guys have more information   you can either send it to me or or um comment in below this video so   i'm just going to write this down because yeah we all thought it was fire training   in the beginning and then we were going what it turned in a landscaping job what so um andrea says i believe barry told andy mormon this fire fighting thing okay and it's been some time you know when you kind of   hear a bunch of things and you want to make sure okay so glowing ember makes a really good point if it was originally a firefighter's training how   did morgan and jeff enter the scenario love your question very very very smart question   so that's what i want to know how this originated because we don't want a bunch of um goss not   gossip like of course we don't want gossip but we don't want a bunch of theories necessarily we   want more here's what happened here's who said the firefighter training because that is very   important to connect the dots right agreed um okay so we're going to take this little step at a time uh gulf coast girl says linda where is the beach front property from the   morphew house east or west the riverfront property   is east of where barry and suzanne's house is i should say suzanne and barry's house okay thank you janice that's very nice okay so we're going to continue on so that was the very very very beginning   and that would have been on the monday the 5 there's some sources to say monday some   say tuesday so again we got to figure out that if that was the fourth or fifth now somebody's asking if the fire was real the fire was real on may 4th the training i guess not very everybody's saying barry was the source okay um okay so we're gonna keep going here's my other question remember in the beginning there was   security footage people talked about okay there was security footage that the law enforcement   actually asked they said to the neighbors or the neighbor surroundings hey check your cameras from   the thursday to the sunday and or even i think monday wasn't it let me see it was from the 8th to   the 12th check your security footage from the 8th to the 12th and they said take hang on to it um   and that's the one thing the other thing i want to know is about the security footage   or the security cameras from his house there's buzz going around again something to the fact of   uh it wasn't working i want to know when it wasn't working why it wasn't working   who said these cameras weren't working is it just something that a rumor that's the   word i'm looking for was it a rumor or is this in fact something barry said i'd love to know   um robin robin lane i'm going to find you here you have a super chat and i want to find you   and acknowledge you sometimes when i go through my comments for some reason they hop and they   skip it's kind of weird she says i think the facebook friending of men andy's age incident   is significant when you consider their 10 years apart i find the facebook friending of these men   peculiar in all kinds of aspects number one it was at midnight andy mormon said it's himself who is   suzanne's brother that he finds this very very strange he said they were his age they also in   its in a separate um video not the dr phil one in another one and he said that it was his friends in   indiana so the weird thing is why would suzanne be up at midnight um friending a bunch of men   and uh for for what reason right not saying that she wouldn't friend people but the   timing is very peculiar also i want to know what time does she actually go to sleep is   that normal for her on a saturday night did she have a long day does she usually go to bed at 10   30 what time does she go to bed not that it's um odd for a person to be up at midnight but again   with all these things taking place we hear at 4 pm they had a sandwich again who told her or who   said that they saw suzanne and barry have a sandwich or grab a sandwich in town i want   to know that as well it's important who the source is from as well right   so this facebook thing is very weird and when i started putting this timeline together   and seeing okay there was this facebook request on may the uh or sorry on the saturday night   and then a week later on the 17th there was a check-in in indiana another peculiar thing   very odd in my opinion and then same day you have barry putting out this 25 second video   so let's go back to the security if you know about the security cam at his house or what   have you that's a very important question and i want to ask another question i'm just going   to write it down so i don't remember don't forget um so because you guys are awesome   and you take in a lot a lot of stuff and you could very well help as well and you guys are awesome so uh sandra says to tighten the timeline whose device and what kind of device will use to   update the facebook page obviously the authorities would know that when they go   in the back end to see uh the login locations and the history um it would also give clarity   on where suzanne's phone is was at the midnight on may 10th absolutely agree sweden okay some people are from sweden welcome thank you so much for joining me on a sunday   afternoon we're talking about the suzanne warfie case and we're trying to put things together   one of the things that i really would love to help is connect the dots that's kind of my little   contribution i guess that i could do could you imagine i wish i had the case file that would be   amazing however um i'll do whatever i can do to help and i think with everybody's uh help other   youtubers um obviously law enforcement everybody would just put this together and hopefully find   suzanne that's it's time it's more than time to come home and people need to be uh responsible   or uh for their actions really so we'll just keep going just leave it at that okay so um and okay and again thank you robin so much for your super chat i appreciate it uh let's go to   another question and see if you guys are saying yes the fbi are involved for those who are asking exactly love this question tanner family says why friend people but not respond to her best   friend because remember there were reports that she was talking to her best friend they   were chit-chatting about her friend's um child's upcoming wedding and then it just suddenly stopped   very good question this is what makes it me wonder that it's um it's very very um peculiar and there is something to be looked at obviously okay let's go back here and welcome to the crime ring barb brown just became a member now so mimi says could barry have been trying to set up one of his andy's uh one of andy's friends   as the abductor this is what i was looking at if we were talking about the abduction video   that i just did um and i think i might have said it in the mountain lion one too can't remember   however that's when i was connecting those dots with the saturday evening a friend requesting   a bunch of men this could do two things one show that she's alive at this time and she's   on her facebook page and just friending it also could show in my opinion of course   that um she's friending a bunch of men at midnight on a saturday night and then a week later when she   goes and checks into indiana these people from my understanding are from indiana they're andy's   friends so it makes it look like it could be maybe one of these people because you know she did that   on the saturday and the next day she goes missing you know what i'm saying so really good question   and that's where i was starting to connect those dots and that same day then that video goes out so   it's very interesting anna from australia says good morning from australia please   never give up on this i truly believe if there is a god he will do the right thing   very soon suzanne's brother father and daughters deserve this i couldn't agree more   suzanne needs to come home the family i always say this it's like limbo is hell not   knowing right and andy busted it he came down he's searching searching searching searching now   authorities been on this case since may what is that june july august september   5 we're five months now um actually yesterday we're yeah we're five months we're five months so   um it's time and these things are starting to piece together and i think the more the   people are going to um speak about what they saw maybe they were scared in the beginning   or maybe there's some little things that popped up like oh yeah i did see that maybe i should call   in call in call into the tip line because you just never know okay let's see what you guys are saying um also her facebook check in from indiana on may 17th the same day as her pastor asked for   an answer to their prayer i'm just gonna write that down okay the other question i don't know   if you guys were answering some of my security cam questions because i'm looking for them   but also since we're talking about security cams my question is uh in the trail cameras where barry   was putting up trail cams i really really would love to know and actually this is a need to know   at this point for me um where those trail cams were placed if you guys know that um that answer   if you were maybe down there in the search or or you saw it somewhere if you could tell me   where they were generally placed even well the tighter the better i'm really for me to know but all right so yes andy said they had said this sandwich i want to know where the source came from   who who um told andy that they were getting a sandwich this is interesting as well and that's where i when i found the when i found the um   check in also with the friend requesting that was starting to get really weird   to me um it started connecting some things and really when you start to fire through the timeline   and see things start adding up and start telling its own story would you guys agree   let me know just say heck yeah or heck no i know because it gets a little bit convoluted   and some people are saying you know linda some of your videos are getting repetitive   well it's a timeline things are going to repeat however when i start bringing in certain aspects   or find out new information you have to go back to the timeline and fill it in right   so what i've done so far obviously is that mountain lion theory if you've already   seen it you know if you haven't go back check that because that's the very very first theory   that was out and it was also from barry and it was also um   very quickly changed to this abductor theory we saw andy on dr phil say barry was pretty adamant   about this mountain lion theory but it's not looking like it now   when you look at him saying the rain okay we have him saying well it rained that night and i saw   there wasn't well there's two reports i saw one of them said zero precipitation and the other one was   in my video i believe i said 0.

15 i think it was even 0.

015 millimeters which is super tiny   and if you have that and it rained it's not going to wash away a major um major evidence with that   tiny teeny tiny bit of rain and i believe it was midday even so i don't know it's maybe barry was   told that maybe barry's was told it was raining that day but there's a few things that don't add up okay tamara says the home came with security cameras barry is saying they weren't hooked up and   weren't working you can see in the home listing cameras are listed for inside and outside okay   i knew there was security cameras at the home um but were they never working were they s like   were they did they stop working a couple days before that's what i would love to know um   and there he was putting trail cams up and of course i would like to know that as well um okay i'm working through here thank you melissa french i see you thank you nice to see you you guys are awesome thank you so much for participating in this i really appreciate it and   let's see what else we've got here sarah says you think the friend requests are supposed to support   abduction theory so in my last video with the abduction it could support the abduction theory   because suzanne would friend request these men at midnight on saturday   it could potentially make these guys or um yeah supposed to look like i'm not saying they are but   it would look like suzanne's putting herself in harm's way friend requesting a bunch of men and   maybe these men's maybe one of these men acted on something and made them you know a suspect so to   speak to see what i'm saying how it came and then all of a sudden the week after there's a check-in   well if you're abducted and you're gone for a week and you're not speaking to anybody   why would you why would you uh check in somewhere especially on your facebook   right it's it doesn't make it makes zero sense zero sense and thank you so much sarah okay and also i want to say too okay let's back up to the rain for a second the   night before she went the night before uh uh she was reported missing let's say the saturday night   it got down to 28 degrees and that's below zero okay so that's freezing point if it's raining out   now it did warm up the next day i do want to say that but i mean the precipitation if it was still   at the below zero you're not getting rain you're getting snow and um and and it's minor amounts so   it's not going to take away and actually uh let's just talk about this for a minute you guys   there was a comment on my channel from a retired firefighter slash paramedic and let me just see   because it was right before here uh that i hopped on yes i am a retired paramedic firefighter of 30   years that was also involved in canine search and rescue the entire time it would take a ton of rain   in order to cover drag marks there is a ton of earth that is moved while a body is being dragged   this includes vegetation rocks and branches if barry is the tracker he or others claim he   is he would have seen them and that's the other great point he's supposed to be an expert tracker   and if that's the case right then he would know if there were tracks or not and if it rained it would   have had to pour in order to or enough to wash away anything agreed all right let's go back here betty smith says come on there's lots and lots of red flags on barry's activities i agree karen i see you i'm gonna come and grab yours here karen says very suspicious of the guy on the bike and the wig etc who do you think it is i do not   know for sure so i will not say however i've had some people message me and all i will say so far   is a hat matches um a certain person that barry knows but i don't know i do not know if that's him   or not i have no idea now if anybody who's sitting there going what what are you talking about some   guy on the wig there is a guy on a bike with a wig and a hat and sunglasses who's zipping around um   checking things out let's just say and thank you karen for your question and your super chat   kitty meow meow i love your name i see your muffler guy and raise you one bass guy you are   awesome at what you do keep up the amazing work for all the victims thank you so much   non-muffler guy tell you this guy every single day every single day   a couple times a day and it's always when i'm recording it's like why why at this   point i can even do it like different times of the day and he's still there um glenna   says linda checkplunder's newest post about the indiana chicken i will do that thank you so much i wrote it down thank you and i'll i'll probably do and we'll check this out um okay welcome welcome to everybody who's joining me right now we're hanging out   we're talking about suzanne morphy case we're trying to figure out some of the little tidbits   that we want to find out what's true what's not is there any more in the timeline that you guys   can contribute that you know but it's it needs to be fact obviously because i'm looking to connect   these dots and uh we all are and let's let's just see if we can find out some more information okay evelyn says if it was her that checked in on facebook wouldn't she have used her phone wouldn't   it have pinged unless she used a laptop or tablet and that have and that have been noticed missing   out of the house yeah i don't know um but you can use numerous things to check in your computer   your phone your ipad or whatever it is right but you also know logins from your facebook security   history it can say where you're logging in so i do want to know where that check-in was from was it   actually from indiana was it from maysville or salida where was it and what you know um   what other chickens there was from that saturday night if that matched up also with these sundays   uh the week after the check with the check-in so the friend requesting and the check-in okay let's see jessica says work it girl you're funny nice to see you again yes believe only law enforcement no security camper info of course i'm   just wondering where did we get the chatter about it not working good grandma says if you follow the money it leads to the church foundation i think it was plunder   who showed all the info about it and barry is on the board i did see that i saw the um that barry   and suzanne are directors of that foundation i saw um but i'll have to dig in more and   i'll have to check out plunder's video on that i haven't seen it i'm behind on   all kinds of things but she's good at finding a lot of information okay let's see you guys are awesome rain rain wet oh sorry as i get okay rain gets a scent and refreshes it for   tracking dogs whereas sun can dry it up read the mountain lion interesting and there was   even uh sheriff john speezy says that there was no sign of an animal and um   and i think that's where it started to change really the mountain lion theory was definitely   sunday monday and then tuesday it started shifting and transforming because we saw a reward happen   on tuesday wednesday on the facebook i believe it was wednesday actually the 13th and um so for   the first few days it was hard but barry did bring it up on june 1st when he was in the tyson draper   video so thank you so much for that little info snack um ladies okay how are they going to get   enough to rest and what's going on i wonder um i think it's important in a case obviously to find   the missing person so i believe that it's just i don't say test i believe that it's   when they find suzanne that will help a lot in the investigation right so i think it's a   matter of time we'll find we'll see when they find suzanne and then from there we'll see what happens i am working on the next video which is the theory well i'm doing a theory series right so we did   one the mountain lion two we did the abduction theory i'm gonna have two more theories   um and one last one let's just say that i don't want to say too much   um because i'm working on it and there'll be about two or three hopefully and it's important suzanne is still missing we have to find her   they have to find her we have to find her it's still important important importance   so i know some papers like ah this video again yes this video again because we're   starting to get in the meat potatoes and and uh figure this out and connect these dots okay let's see here and thank you so much for uh your super chats thank you so much too for   the uh mods in here today as well and you guys hang out with me   on a sunday and priscilla says she has my pic oh yeah got my picture of liaritas ready i love that um sarah says what does it mean law enforcement didn't recognize barry's reward   money if you notice in the press releases press conference there's only one press conference but   press releases there's no mention that there's a hundred or two hundred thousand dollar reward   they did not recognize it they did not say yeah this isn't a a reward let's put it out there   they did not acknowledge it the words word i'm looking for thank you so much sarah oh this is a good question um and i'm not an expert in cadaver dogs   and i have i gotta talk to my neighbor really like i talked to my neighbor   because he knows all kinds of stuff too um and the guys at profiling evil   um gene says how could cadaver dogs dig up a world war two vet 40 years after he was   buried if rain takes away the scent um this is an excellent question this is what i know   from what andy said andy was talking about the world war ii vet um that one of their cadaver dogs   uh found and they're just they're good they're really good they're sent to strong they could find   somebody such as as the vet now my understanding is they actually lick the grass   and if you think about it if somebody's buried and it's coming up through the ground   right and so um that's the that's the very very small portion that i know i am nowhere near an   expert or nowhere near know how about cadaver dogs too much so we're going to have to have   if my neighbor will do it we aren't going to have to have him on um but they do it through   the ground they can smell that and they're so good at that it's coming through the soil   and i believe it's obviously the chemical in our body as well so they're trained on that uh cynthia says barry is known as an expert tracker so obviously he's covered his tracks   we should focus on the circumstantial evidence in case finding suzanne continues to go on   so this is what i'm trying to do i'm trying to gather everything get a timeline together start   asking questions okay some people are like oh linda used to be effectual no she's not   blah blah blah and the reason why i say that is listen if i if i'm gonna figure this out or if a   investigator is gonna figure this out they have to start asking questions what about this what about   that what about this what about that right now you make a very excellent point cynthia barry is known   as an expert tracker and what do expert trackers track well footprints if it's an animal a scat   they the foliage everything around right so that's how you find the animal if you're hunting   and my understanding a person you can figure out is it a woman obviously with the tracks   is it a man how heavy they are you know that kind of thing so if he's an expert tracker   there's a couple points to make in this oh i don't think that's muffler guy i think it's a different version we have another one in the   neighborhood if he's an expert tracker and there's a mountain lion involved he's gonna know if there   was a mountain lion involved because he's gonna look at the tracks he's gonna look if there's any   drag marks whatever else the trackers do right if you guys are hunters let me know in there   you tell me right and he would know right and the other thing is well there's quite a few things   but i'm gonna say it again if he's an expert tracker he has some serious skills   why isn't he using it in the andy mormon search or when andy marmon searched for his sister   why didn't barry say you know what let's put everything aside i'm gonna use my skills and   let's do this and that could have happened way back in may now he did say in his june 1st video   we covered a 200 mile radius and his buddy did 400 tours in iraq and afghanistan so   if you guys seen what a 200 mile radius looks like i don't know if that was just a slip of the tongue   and he actually meant you know like not a 200 mile radius maybe a 20 mile but 20 mile i don't   know that's a lot you're covering all the state of colorado in three weeks that's a lot of ground   to cover in 21 days sarah says too many theories like where's your wife bury   somebody said that to me today actually this is um i think i screenshotted it because it   was it was kind of funny i shouldn't say funny interesting let me see if i have it because the theories that he was coming up with   or had talked about there's obviously another theory i think i might have screenshotted let's just see if i did maybe not all right no but we'll figure that out okay so i know the phone is actually the phones there are really spotty spotties reception oh missing person says it's a crime it looks likes to be more and more   uh like the recent puma path listings have been hoaxes have you looked into   it and if so what are your thoughts um well i saw it on realtor.

com   um yeah i saw it on realtor.

com so i don't know how that could have been a hoax because you have   to be a realtor to add that to realtor.

com so good question my understanding wasn't a hoax we'll see thank you so much robin thank you   hugs from miami you too it's probably warm there i'm freezing my butt off up here   starting to get cold it has not snowed yet it has not snowed yet but it's coming and it's cold luna girl says barry's not trying to find her because he knows where she is i'm thinking so too all right we see i see cheryl in the house let's see cheryl thank you so much for helping me you guys i do want to get some some of these this info   it's important um cheryl i see yours up at the top and i'm just trying to find it um sandy says barry is literally in a hell thank god right now that man   is heading to the big house our states hate him oh my goodness well it's really   really hard to look the other way at this point it really really is yeah i find 400 tours is questionable it's definitely questionable add like   15 months a tour that's a heck of a long of like a person has to have multiple nine lives or more okay cheryl i'm sorry i can see that it's popped up on the top and i'm trying to figure this out   um cheryl says linda lots of info on the draper brothers video a couple of days ago   about the board of the hope foundation they are gathering and confirming data from their sources   mike king always says to follow the money yes i do understand that's what's going on and um um   there's a lot of people looking into it and i started watching their video on the foundation   i was away this weekend so i think i saw maybe 20 minutes of it and tyson actually knows that   but i'll keep going and i'll i'll figure that out as well   felicia makes a good point if you if you're an expert tracker then you also know how to   erase tracks also absolutely agree you know how to cover your tracks and you know to hunt the tracks   and again sorry cheryl i meant to say thank you so much for your super chat i appreciate it okay let's see i'm going to be scrolling through there okay so now all of a sudden my things jumped so much okay so we're going to talk   we're going to still go through this new timeline because you guys are awesome   alan wants to know what about the bobcat running at 4 30 a.

m the we don't know   that a bobcat was running at 4 30 a.

m unless you have information that i don't   what we do know is in the middle of the night that there was machinery runner running   at the riverfront property in my first uh connecting the dots theory video   on the mountain lion i had stated that when i'm putting this together i was asking myself   why go to the riverfront property a lot of people were saying that it was to go bury   suzanne however i said um he went to go he didn't go drop something off he went to pick something up   talking about the bobcat i talked to a family member of mine who's been doing   or who's been working with bobcats for 15 years he gave me some very interesting insights to   uh what could have happened uh meaning in the half an hour that they heard the the machinery running   and i don't know what time exactly do you guys know the time exactly the machinery was running   i i have not found that information if you know that would tighten the timeline okay let's see um barry is involving other men into the foundation director's board that's interesting i got   really got to dive into that piece of all that um i did see the two directors were   were barry and suzanne and then a couple other names again i'm behind on the eight ball on that okay q is my favorite uncle says 19057 puma path home listed under confidential listings   i'm wondering how that works then um in the listing somebody's going to call and say hey   i want to look at the house and they're probably going to have to go through a process otherwise   you're gonna have everybody in their their dog going wanting to go through this house right oh okay we have do we have a bunch of people do is pee   in the house in here too somebody's they're all saying hey p i don't see them but hello if you're here thanks for hanging out um okay the lady who   heard the bobcat running said it ran for half an hour correct but i want to know about the time okay so april's saying 11 30 p.

m ish where can i find that information and sophie says   yes it's around 11 30 p.

m this is interesting to me got a bunch of people in the house i   think but i don't see your guys's comments so i'm not sure um t-janna says 11 to 11 30.

11 30.

okay you guys are just okay between 11 and 11 30.

and then i also see the lady that was interviewed by lauren scharf about the machine running said   she couldn't recall the exact time possibly between 11 30 and 2 30.

this is interesting to me she was in bed and said around 11 30 pm shelby says you need your own talk show that will be interesting i would love that that'd be fun okay mimi says you've been accused of pushing the narrative in case barry's innocent but he alone   has incriminated himself and lied and changed his story is not this is the thing mimi and um i know   some people get really mad at me i i do know so when i start putting these timelines together   it's not my ac i'm not making up their actions i'm looking at the facts and i'm also asking questions   and possible theories but i state it's my possible theory i don't do that in the beginning because   what if this guy's innocent right when we start getting into this there's some actions that don't   line up there is some factual information that doesn't line up his evi information from his truck   does not line up with what he says he states in an interview himself that his bobcat the mush   the mechanical thing he did to his bobcat please explain barry if you're watching what mechanical   thing you did to your bobcat does not line up with what he told authorities we got a problem   right maybe one time it's like you know i actually did i made a boo-boo like i totally   i made a mistake but when you start going oh no that's a lie oh no that's a lie oh no that's a lie   oh no that's a lie and you're getting to hear there's a problem right there's a problem so here's the other thing i want to know okay what day and i'm only i don't want to talk about the girls i'm not going to   talk about the girls but i do have a question about the girls what day did they go on their   um camping trip was it uh because i think it was about a week right was it like the monday what day   was it if you guys know that answer let me know in the comments below i would be very very grateful and then um okay let's see what else where are we at here oh this is fun okay i'm trying to find your comment can we do a true   crime house party live with u p e draper brothers plundered tube crime that would be   fun maybe that maybe that's my talk show a true crime talk show on it's a crime with linda and see if these guys wanna hang out that's fun okay here we go jojo in colorado says   on investigation discovery published may 20th barry morphy was attending a firefighter training   course almost 150 miles away in denver around the time his wife went missing her loved one said   okay so they were told that he was on firefighter training interesting isn't   it remember how i was saying doesn't add up doesn't add up we got another one right so i remember seeing something like that too so may 20th okay okay okay let's keep going here where are we okay oh add duty ron in there yeah i saw him the   other day too i used to watch him quite a bit before i started my channel it's a big collab i would like that actually okay cruising cowgirl says my friend has worked on bobcats and excavators for over 30 years   he needed to change that bucket so when i was talking to my family member he was saying   that depending on what he needs obviously with the bobcat it could take him some time   to change out the different attachments and so because i was asking about the 30 hour   or 30 hours the 30 minute timeline at the riverfront property like if you were picking   up let's say a bobcat and you know how long would it take and he says well you have to basically um   bring the trailer right and then you have to grab the bobcat and you gotta load it up   and then depending on attachments if you have a few attachments or whatnot it would take your   time to having to to load it and you have to run the machinery and then after that you would tie it   down and secure the bobcat and then be on your way so he said it would be easily 30 minutes   and then whatever he needs for that bucket now interesting let's go back to the temperature that   night it was uh it dropped down to 28 i think it might even been 25 but i remember being about 28   and at one point this is the middle of the night right between 1 a.

m 4 00 a.

m and it was   cold so you potentially could have a little bit of a frozen ground because it went below that   freezing and um depending it could be just really hard and maybe not that frozen because it was just   starting to be may right and warming up so but the higher you go if you were to   go up the mountain the harder it's going to be because it's probably going to be colder right all right so um where are you guys okay i'm reading i'm reading taking a break i've been talking straight for an   hour haven't even breathed yet uh thank you for joining me today on a sunday we're hanging out   uh we're talking about the timeline and i have some questions and you guys have some questions   as well so feel free to ask uh so far i was asking about um i wanted to know about the comment of   going to denver on fire training before it turned into landscaping we got that answer   and i want to know about the security footage people are saying there's rumor about the cams not   working i want to know a little bit more about that please and thank you uh if you know but   where that actual source came from or people were just saying it's not working um what else does anybody know who found the bike who actually found the bike and then just make sure you put bike and then that beside or the um yeah bike and then that   besides otherwise i i'm seeing times and i don't remember what we were talking about okay interesting mission school says you can't just go out and dig a hole in colorado   lots of rock and clay and permafrost in the spring so that's interesting um there's there's something that i've been working   on that this is very interesting so i'm going to write this down okay maureen says i think the police found the bike all right sarah says if barry says he'll do anything for suzanne who won't who won't take it uh oh because he okay i see what you're saying he's saying he wouldn't do he'll do anything   for suzanne but he won't take a polygraph for his stress test yeah he's he's not taking it   now however i saw in one article this was way back in the beginning or i want to say near the early   parts i shouldn't say what back in the beginning i remember him saying i didn't refuse a polygraph it   was an interview to lauren scharf i believe and i think it was just um it was before he was actually   speaking it was her interviewing and then put it on an article i feel like that's where it was from but he not only that but he wouldn't do the search   and it doesn't matter the reason why he wouldn't do the search from like his point   of view the bottom line is he didn't do the search sometimes you got to put your big boy   pants on and just do what you need to do right if your wife's still missing like go find her   but i'm not him so i would do things a little bit different i'm sure you guys would too barry takes that bobcat a boat like a dog on elite on a dog lead i've heard   people sit call it the security blanket i'm in alberta maui swift is asking okay okay so bonnie says linda do you think that the loud noise the lady heard was barry picking up   his bobcat from the worksite this is one of my working theories that i'm working on um   i mentioned that in my video it would have been a couple days ago it was the mountain so this is   like very more fuse theory number one the mountain lion and i talked about how i believe it was uh   barry going to pick up the bobcat at the site if it's my working theory of on that i said   i believe nothing was dropped off i believe something was picked up and it would have been in   those in the middle of the night and barry was also um at 4 00 a.

m in the morning rambling down   the road texting for his uh to gather people for broomfield right so there's there's so much   in there it contradicts itself but when i start to rip it apart in the timeline it looks like the   first couple days where that mountain lion theory that wasn't working let's hit up the abductor   because all of a sudden we see by so sunday suzanne's reported missing   we think she went either this saturday night or early hours of sunday morning   uh that hap something happened to her and then um and then sunday was this mountain theory mountain   lion theory and by wednesday when they did the uh 100 000 or two hundred thousand dollar reward   um things start getting interesting and from there because they get that a reward out or barry does   plus he has his nephew helping him so they have the reward that goes out they have the fine face   find suzanne murphy facebook page then by thursday friday there's the personal item found right so   day two days later and then another two days after that the video goes out and the check-in   so you see how that's starting to flow into that it's going mountain lion mountain lion oh abductor   abductor abductor abductor now in in barry's defense okay so i know you're gonna have a couple   berry lovers watching right now in barry's defense if he was if his wife's missing which she is   he could be like okay let's come up with all the theories right like could it be a mountain   lion yep could be could be an abductor yep could be what's the other option well could   be the husband too could be so i mean really that's that's a solid three so you gotta go   through them right you gotta go through them and as law enforcement looks at the spouse   pretty much always first until they can rule them out so you're starting to see all these   theories so it's important to look at each one of them i'm sure you guys would agree right rose says who says there really ever was a bike the only person that says there ever was a bike   was barry and trevor but that's the question here's important and i say this over and over and   over again the authorities never acknowledged the bike really they didn't put a descriptor   of the bike they didn't put a descriptor really of suzanne they didn't put what   the bike looks like where she went on the bike ride there's really really really really little   um info about the bike now to be fair the law enforcement has really   not said anything or not much of anything in five months so but i question that from   the beginning i don't believe there ever was a bike ride i know a lot of you feel the same way all right thank you so much heather d   thanks thank you for the super chat i appreciate it there you are there you go hi um cynthia says maybe the bobcat was only used for transporting on   saturday night whole already dug ahead of that could be i don't know but good thinking um would like to see hotel footage yes okay elderly said it was 11 30.

okay this is great you guys are all saying   around 11 30.

so that's good that can give me a little bit to work on i love that okay travis mourinho says george davis found the bike he and trevor norrell   trevor knoll are the ones that notified law enforcement called them okay so it was george and i know he's the one who barry also stayed at his house when barry's truck and phone   uh were uh taken from and investigated right and that's also where i brought it up in last video   how barry was looking out the window and then he was also driving up and down the   street looking for any or trying to remember any suspicious vehicles yes tim yes a plea video highly suggestive of a ransom was put out   on facebook instead of mainstream vid sorry mainstream media and was done   without the endorsement or support of law enforcement absolutely i said this yesterday   in that they're they're was zero help now here's the thing you're gonna have help you're gonna want help right if you're gonna put out this plea video   you you gotta ask the cops i mean you're gonna have to ask the authorities hey look is this a   smart idea is this what i should do you know etc but if you're looking at the actions in barry and   from what barry's doing um is that a grasping at straws kind of moment for him if he's truly   thinking holy crap this is an abduction i gotta put out a video would he do that   in is the question right would he do that in in a controlled manner or would he do that um   you know pleading on on camera with a camera crew and having help this is very interesting because in in his video and i've said this but his video is very controlled it's very um he has   it the way he wants to have it without the help from anybody he wants it a certain way   and that's the way it is and i believe from seeing some of these things with barry i believe that's   very much his demeanor is he wants it the way he wants it he's meticulous in certain things and   he likes control so it does not surprise me looking back that he did that video   because he was in control of it and you'll see this now barry just still not like he still   does not want to be on camera and i mean we've seen tyson and uh barry's video but that was not   by choice right so it's very interesting to me or very very interesting as i say um good grandma says chaffey county sheriff wouldn't let him take part in the first searches   maybe he was mad about that so out of spite he wouldn't help andy maybe i don't know right i   don't know what his reasoning was um at this point i'm not surprised that he didn't take part in the   search but one of the things um that you bring up and thank you so much for your your super   chat and your comment um is the they wouldn't let the fire department take part in it and i know a   couple commenters said well maybe it's because um they're not allowed because it's a co-worker   that's involved meaning like it's a missing person's case and whatnot i was like wait a   minute i know in canada you would still be able to uh to be involved in that search so i'm not sure   what their reasoning is but maybe you guys know you could let me know in the comments below and   just to dive in i guess elaborate a little bit further it was um very in the beginning   when they were actually doing the searches that the fire department was not allowed to help in   the search they did kind of their own private search so i'm curious about that why is that all right you guys are awesome for hanging out and helping me through through this is great and i see heather thank you so much i see you there you go there you are thank   you so much heather i appreciate it i love the little justice scales there okay to yeah 2500 in the chat hanging out thank you so much for hanging out with me you guys i am uh i've been diving into more of the theories and i'm working out uh uh another one and   it's interesting i don't know if anybody else would have this   theory uh perhaps maybe once i find out you guys let me know in this next video   um well maybe it'll take me a couple of videos i don't know anyways you guys are always welcome to   help out because maybe we could gather and put it together if you've seen more of that uh info okay right exactly if you're looking into looking at an abduction law enforcement says not to do stuff   on your own so it doesn't jeopardize your loved one right because i could put them at risk right   so it's very interesting it really really is how these are how these are going okay do we know the alleged wall site his crew was supposed to work on this is my   other question if you guys know that please put that in the comments below i do remember   seeing the company but now i gotta find it and figure out what it was because i believe it was   something that had to do with a transportation company i want to say don't quote me on that i   gotta find it but i do want to know where that wall site is supposed to or was supposed to be okay uh why why though wouldn't the police tell barry where the article was i believe there i mean if   they find something i don't you know i'm going to ask that question i'm going to ask that question   because i really don't know i'm going to guess i'm going to guess they're not going to tell him what   it is because it's pertinent to the investigation and if we had the three theories so far the   abductor the mountain lion and the husband i don't think they're gonna tell him even though i mean   they didn't say that they ruled out anybody but they didn't say he's a person of interest right   but um what i found interesting was the wording of the personal item or   items from sheriff john speesy and i found it interesting that barry called it an article i   know some people were like so what well it is interesting because if it was a personal item   it could be uh i don't know it could be a shoe could be a phone it could be something   of suzanne's we don't know could be a lunch kid for all we know right why does he say article   article to me is like an article of clothing did they find an article of clothing what   what did they find right so i found i found that very interesting   um there's another thing that i found interesting that he said i'm going to cover it in one of my   next theories because it was on tyson's video and there's some yeah there's some weird things the video is like a political hat all right so peach says fake crocodile tears okay now yeah i am i'm trying to read thousands of comments   you 2500 people it goes by fast so it's gonna take me a little bit all right so um wendy says bike supposedly george davis either helped law enforcement find it or he was right   there when law enforcement found the bike per tyson video barry said that his ranger buddy   yes he yeah barry did say that i'm just wondering who did say that or who did find it   barry was talking about how the bike was found um and so that was interesting because he said   he showed up at 9 00 pm that night which would make sense if the call went in at 5 46 p.

m um but it's very peculiar um let's see i saw another one about the 11 30.

um sorry guys just reading one sec reading and breathing reading and breathing okay and then so also when some somebody earlier was asking about the um about the bobcat   why i think too with the bobcat is because they hit on the riverfront property with the cadaver   dogs and they hit on the site with the tree and they also hit on the edition where is this   this addition there was an edition made um profiling evil was talking about that   and i never did find out where this edition is they said in an entrance edition i'd like to   know where that is if you guys know that please please please let me know in the comments below do i celebrate halloween in canada yes although i don't know about this year okay one sec here writing that nothing or another thing another thing down okay um all right who called 9-1-1 that's the loaded question i have no idea i don't   know i know some of the options but i just don't know who ended up calling 911 all right all right so let's go back to here so we got we're going through the days here you guys and um let's see personal items were found the check-in happened barry made his video the same   day barry made his video the fine suzanne morpheu facebook page went silent that was the last post   it was barry's video that went up and then nothing after that i found that very interesting as well hello from utah hello sassy sandra okay seeing if you guys are showing me here uh the edition okay so maybe that was maybe that maybe maureen maybe you're right i was thinking   separate location but wasn't the addition part of the river run   construction site maybe you're right i'll have to find that out which would make sense if it was the bobcat because the bobcat   would be used in these different potentially right okay jody this is the best comment of the day   barry's bobcat seems attached to his truck like a kid in a car seat that's funny i'm i'm laughing too because some people have made comments in my under   my videos and they're saying like it's like a security blanket so it's funny um and lane says law enforcement was at suzanne's place days before she vanished for a domestic   dispute i'd like to know how you know that and if you could let me know that would be awesome tanya says too many questions and not enough answers in this   case i totally agree i just wish i knew uh more   obviously we all do tim says happy thanksgiving to you and your husband thank you so much and you guys i guess if you're in the states it'll be next month i believe elroy says lot eight longhorn ranch subdivision okay   is that where the edition is or is this that was the longhorn ranch lot eight that's just a lot okay that's awesome i'm gonna have to look this later so i can get the number   or i want to take a screenshot or i'm gonna i'm gonna take a picture from my phone there we go all right yeah we never heard the yet 911 i wonder if we will be that's going to have its own if it's if it was very very very   much wanted to see that one brad mila says barry was a firefighter to his own advantage   i want i want to talk about that for a minute just just a little tidbit he's an expert tracker   he's a landscaper he's a hunter he's a firefighter he has a lot of skills in that those areas right   tracking fires how to put out fires um he knows a lot about the ground and the trees   and tracking people i mean he has a lot of skills so i could see how he what is uh   regarded as an expert tracker the other thing is that just sparks my memory it was um the   i said this in my first video of the theory of the mountain lion   where when he was described as a firefighter he said he'll do anything for anybody   and and stop everything to do it or something to the effect of that you'll have to go view   my video and um when i when i saw that i was like wow he'll do anything right and even in his video   to suzanne he says i'll do anything like or anything you want right we just want you back   so bad or i just want you back so bad but his actions do not line up with what he's saying   if you're going to do whatever it takes yeah that's what he says whatever it takes right   if you're going to do whatever your takes doesn't that mean like setting things aside   who cares what the media is saying about you get your butt out there and mike king said   that on the dr phil show i believe he's probably mentioned this before too saying look like um   he he was talking about this very thing like you're gonna do whatever it takes to get your   name off the table like just do whatever it takes whether it's polygraph whatever this is whether   it's that like the voice analysis uh stress test all those things and so that the authorities   can look somewhere else and go look who's responsible for the disappearance of suzanne right   and it's a very valid point and he and mike made a very valid point about uh the elizabeth smart case   he said a lot of people point to their fingers at the dad right but he was seen time and time   again get out to the media talk about her his daughter and just get the information out there   and that's where this is very um this is the opposite really and when you see andy just   plugging away getting there pounding the pavement trying to find his sister and then   you see barry not that's just like it's just there's an issue there's a there's an issue so there's something going on right and whatever it is if he's not   if he's not guilty and if he's innocent well then he needs to look at his own   actions of what he's doing because they don't line up right in future what you say   and what you do are two different things so you might want to take a look at that and the thing is you know how i looked at how i was   doing the gannon stout case right and i looked at leticia leticia didn't search for gannon either   she didn't she spent her time rebutting everything and i understand that there's a couple of   um uh notes that were written that barry has just come up and talked about in the news and he showed   you know two letters i believe it was and i did see that i just haven't done a video on it um   he's defending himself so he's spending the time he's choosing to spend his time to defend himself   instead of putting info out for suzanne so you tell me how i can look the other   way or how can you look the other way when things are not there just don't add up um jeffrey puckett's wife is in chat somebody said that   is she still in chat and what's her name so i can see i'd one i'd make a scary detective no you didn't just get away with it tara okay is tara's in chat um do you know if the bobcat was in broomfield and   what was the job that was supposed to be done the wall job for what company okay i'm going to take a look at this i writing is not the same on the card as the two notes   i'm going to look at that because i just saw the two notes i didn't see a card   but i will i'll get there i was away for a couple days all right okay tara bucket is in the pocket is in the house okay there you go okay i found you tara so so   thank you so much for being on here i do have a couple questions and if you can answer that'd be   awesome um not when my husband arrived so i'm not sure what my question was on that or if somebody   else so i would like to know what job was it who who was it for what where was the wall oh mr linda okay coda frank says you're amazing thank you for all that you do for victims of crime   thank you so much hashtag bring suzanne home let's bring suzanne home it's time   thank you so much um yeah i mean i just need to i want to help figure this out so i just need more tighter timeline   and then see what we can do um mr linda and his and his uh joking   okay tara let's see if you i want to see if you guys are still and you know what mods if you   could actually copy and paste what she's saying too because in that way it might might be easier so because what happens in my my program it just bounces some of the some of the comments so okay so i see okay here we go and yeah people were asking who jeff puckett is he uh was the employee   that was actually seen on interviews and also he was in broomfield that day and he also was   talking about the insurance paper which i want to know what kind of insurance paper it was   um but he was he found that and he said things were really odd he says either was foul play   or it was an alien abduction he says and we know alien induction is you know far-fetched okay and it's true this is a good question too because   the question is when did jeff um get notified of having to go to broomfield and by who debbie i work in the hotel industry and camera records over every 30 days however they can   check on the time stamps that is room key post upon entered this can tell them when   he arrived at his room i love that thank you so much debbie the question also is what time   did he check in because from our understanding is uh check-ins aren't till the afternoon right   so let's say let's say i'm in town and i wanted to get a hotel room but it's eight o'clock in   the morning how would you handle that would you be like yep there's there's one available and   you just prorated am i double um am i doing a double payment on that room how would that work   because if he did leave at four or five in the morning he'd be in broomfield at about eight   i'm not sure if he went to the hotel room right away but i'm guessing uh that he'd be pretty tired   being up over 24 hours and then uh wanting to check in and go to sleep and be shown on camera   because he does say there's cameras all over the place he said i did nothing wrong at that hotel   i just want to put that little thing in   okay so thank you so much for that and i look forward to your answer on that as well okay paul says barry made a point about leaving all his tools as well   he has a need to ensure he has no physical association with a crime and what's interesting is   um the workers actually said well it looked like he just dumped out everything morgan said that   it just looked like he dumped everything out on from his truck   it wasn't even the tools they need and jeff said yeah i didn't even have the tools i needed it   kind of ticked me off and i had they decided to go back on tuesday they didn't have what they needed   and they didn't have the brick because it never showed up but i want to know where it was okay um remember when there was word that suzanne's journal was missing too was that just a rumor   i heard that but i don't know where that was from so i don't know if it's a rumor or not   i i haven't i don't have anything that says it's true and i don't have anything that says it's not   unless you guys do okay some hotels let you check in early okay let's see i'm trying to look for tara again all right so jeff said barry called him on fox interview but when because i've seen two different things i've i've seen that he met with him on   saturday and then i'm also hearing that it was sunday okay so um insurance paperwork what kind of policy was it current or a pass policy barry   could have just cleaned out his truck like a glove box very true you make a good point oh debbie says he would have to pay for that night check-ins are usually at 3 p.

m and check out at 11   a.

m or noon they can tell what time he checked in for sure and when he checked out as well yes   i do know that but he would pay for the night so okay so he pay double knight then right so   meaning he comes in at eight and would pay for that and then is that what you're saying i believe right yes um tara if you can just email me at it's a crime and a shame at gmail.

com and   then we can have a little chit chat it's probably going to be easier than on here   and you may prefer that as well thank you melmac all right and thank you so much debbie okay what is the company name that paid mr puckett   very good question um and i want to just expand on that remember when we saw morgan gentile's   interview and she said a couple days later she was approached by a family friend and a   family member saying that we would pay you but we don't want it to look like hush hush money   found that very interesting um so i don't know that answer ak but maybe some other people do um okay and then if somebody wants to put in my email in there if it's just a little bit easier   i would appreciate that as well okay i know they were asking authorities were actually asking at the hotel for footage and   they were asking from i want to say friday fighting to monday where did i have that   i'll have to get the actual date but they were asking for the hotel as well um let me just look here because i know they were asking at the hotel for the video footage   and it was interesting at the days because they started at friday something like that ah suzanne is beautiful this is heartbreaking i read some love notes she gave to barry bob i read some love notes she gave to barry bobcat she really loved him i saw the notes yes they were   very very very heartfelt um i haven't seen the card somebody said a card i think i saw two notes okay all right so there we go oh thank you so much lada thank you stahlberg rumholt is hopefully i said that right   thank you so much if you have a question you let me know um in the comments as well   you're more than welcome to ask a question or a comment we don't know which family members   said the hush hush money like morgan said a family member and or it was lauren sheriff   one of the two was during the interview and she said it was a family member and a family friend but i believe one of them may have been that um all right morgan said the men were trevor and george that met her about the payment all right look at you guys go okay so you guys are awesome thank you so much for everybody to hang out man we'll be we're   going almost two hours straight i know i can talk i'm gonna have to go soon but okay rella713 i see your comment i'm so glad you enjoy my videos and i'm sorry you're   going through a really hard time and i'm i'm thankful to have you part of the community okay so yeah i want to know when barry checked in i want to know when he did he booked it from his   phone did he book it last minute did he book it when he walked in did he book it at 4am when he   knew he was going to broomfield i want to know when that room was booked and if you didn't see   my last video about this about the timeline um i believe if barry had the worst night of his life   like morgan said and he was up in the middle of the night and definitely at 4 00 a.

m   um he would be tired right he's been up for 24 hours at this point possibly longer then   he has to drive to broomfield for three hours so i believe that okay so that morgan then says   well it looks like he's only doing a half an hour work i don't know what he did all day   even though he said he was there all day and in my video with the mountain lion theory i believe   barry was so tired he needed to sleep and he slept for a while and that's potentially why morgan said   it looked like he was on the bed because it didn't look like that the staff made it and it would make   sense why he only did a half an hour but where did he do that half an hour work is my question all right okay so okay debbie debbie says yes he would have to pay for that day   and night as well if he arrives early in the morning before check-in time   they should go back and investigate more and ask questions to the hotel staff   thank you so much for your knowledge and for your super chat i really appreciate it um what i what i do wonder yes so if he's going in that like i said i want to know   what time he decided okay i'm going to book that or is he does he know this place   like 4 a.

m is he just you know okay hey i'm gonna book it just on my app or am i just walking in   being certain to be on camera i mean there's so many variety or so many um what's the word possibilities okay she said he had the worst night when she saw him at the beach site that was saturday morning linda   when i saw it he said she said he sounded like he had the worst   night of his life when he was asking about the 4am to get to broomfield because that's going to bring a whole bunch more if that's the   saturday morning she said he was acting very weird on saturday morning and she   thought she was going to work all day but she only worked until 11 a.

m okay what else we got here don't we all hey i want to know minute by minute gps readings from home to broomfield okay when did he first tell his workers about this so called job i know in the interview with morgan   gentile she said the original plan was to do it back in end of april and then she said obviously   she was called about this on that day but she said it was last minute plan so i don't know when   uh that's the other question would be good to ask is at the end of april if it was planned   you know why the change was it because of covid and if so was there a tentative plan   as to what the date actually would be um okay so take another look at the timeline just to double check that i've uh going through all these um notes and notes and notes guys we also had the house being searched for 11 days and they came back on july 9th which is interesting when when the the subduction comes through the check-in i want to know who   told did somebody tell barry about this check-in does he know about the check-in   it's the same day he did that very video now two days later the authorities cordoned off   his home i think that's important i think that says a lot of things riverfront property and then pretty much that so now yes i am addie addy says are you going to put suzanne's picture in your background i   certainly am i got to get my butt to staples and get that done   absolutely i know with covet and all that i stayed home for quite a few   months and now that i'm actually getting out i need to go and do that absolutely what time did morgan get to the hotel i do not   know the exact time if you guys know you could let me know as well okay yes luna girl says uh you can check in from any location   on facebook without being in the actual location yes i i do know that and i agree   because i did do put that in my yesterday's video actually   good grandma says andy said morgan said he called at 4am as he was barreling down the highway yes um but i want to know how jeff got contacted de morgan called jeff did barry call jeff   and if barry called jeff was it at four in the morning was it a day before was it later right and a side note lucy wonders if muffler guy knows he's famous not yet but he will   when i provide him with a brand new muffler say i think you forgot   something or you missed something i don't know but this is for you uh the the weird mom says barry being a tracker where was his favorite place to go   to get away from it all that's where i think suzanne is sadly the possibilities are vast   from my understanding what you really like to do is go out and go hunting but   i don't know where his favorite place is to go that's a very good question uh corey asks   which story is barry sticking to puma story or abduction story well i think the puma story or the   mountain lion story uh was getting debunked quite quickly for for uh in general let's just say   and so i think the abduction theory was a little bit better so to speak um and then there's a few   things i do wonder though i do um let's say that tuesday wednesday is where the authorities are   like not an animal and andy's saying barry not an animal and now we got a situation so   this abduction theory comes in right okay if not an animal then maybe somebody abducted her   in general people would say that remember i said the three so far kind of   like abduction mountain lion and the spouse and so if it's not the mountain lion well   you don't want to be the spouse right so the next one is abduction so we see this reward go out   the 200 000 or 210 000 on the wednesday by friday there's there is a um article found i want to know   was the article there the whole time or did the authorities actually search that area and then   they came back and found that there's another article or what's the case right or was it just   there from the beginning that's the question and it was found west of where suzanne's bike   was found i want to know how that got there did it get chucked out the window because some somebody   abducted her like how did how did that happen was she bike riding and then coming back like   what what is the option right so there's some there's some strange things and then so you see   friday that article was found by sunday there's an abduction video and there's the   um check-in and then i mean what happens after that two days after that the authorities go in   and check the house then the riverfront property was checked on the 22nd right for three days andrea wants the muffler guy please get a video clip okay i will if i can if i can catch him   oh jeff says i live near the holiday inn and there's a wall being built   on the edge of the northwest parkway nearby interesting i'll check that out thank you for your comment all right so we have a few more minutes here and then i have to jet thank you amanda thank you i i   super nerdy at timelines i love timelines and i know sometimes i see a little bit more details   and sometimes people don't understand where i'm going with it but bear with me bear bear with me all right do you guys have a few more questions before i get going yes mystic firefly says and   remember morgan said the trip was only supposed to be barry and her that's [ __ ] that's correct   originally so does she stay in barry's room routinely on the road oh i don't know that   question um i don't know and uh there's a lot i would like to know about this hotel good question okay this is a good question too okay oops here we go i missed it okay all right so let me write this down if you guys have some timelines or uh have some info for my timeline   or the timeline i would really appreciate your help at it's a crimean shame at gmail.

com just   to dial it in let's dial this puppy in so i can take a look and hopefully connect some more dots i don't know i don't know at this point i'm working on my next video on the theory   and i'm gonna do a couple videos in the theory series like i said if you haven't seen   my videos uh on the series please go check it out i will put it after this video is processed   i will put it in the description below so you can check it out   it's important because there's a few very important things to the timeline that's what i want to know stitchy widgets as well who saw them eating   at saturday at 4.

i really want to know that questions as well and let's make the the um where was it let's make the two what is it   the true crime oh there we go let's make the true crime house party happen i love that   uh lisa hogan says the denver company said there was not a wall scheduled for that weekend and do   you remember what the denver company was called i have to find it because i remember seeing it   and i think it was had to do with something with a transportation company or like a a train lrt i   don't know what you guys call it in the states an lrt line something like that but thank you lisa   no job scheduled isn't that interesting who phoned him then if it was not the bobcat theory and it   was an abductor theory what's barry doing at 4am in the morning rambling down the road trying   to gather people for broomfield if it wasn't planned on sunday on mother's day what's he doing   if it's not the bobcat theory right thank you so much to my mods as well for helping out this is just   awesome i really really appreciate you alright so i am going to hop off as i need to do mommy duties so i want to thank you so much for you guys to   hang out with me on a sunday if you want to get a hold of me and give me some info snacks   you can do that it's a crime and a shame at gmail.

com also uh if you want to be part of the   crime ring which is my membership you can do that at www.


com it's a crime slash join and um   what else you guys i'm gonna be doing some videos this week you're more than welcome as well to put   some suggestions in the comments below into some other cases you'd like me to cover and look at   and i'm staying strong on this one because suzanne needs to be to be found and i just need some more   information so that i can do what i do and um info what are info snacks i said this long ago and just   started it just stuck basically info snacks little tidbits of info that i find out or i figure out   and i have that also in the uh what do you call it my little teespring merch   underneath the video you'll see a couple things there so oh and one more thing before you guys   go what would you like to see me be for halloween put that in the in the comments below because i'm   i would like to do something and uh i would love your input on it all right so thank you guys so much thanks for being an awesome community and high vibing you   know how much i appreciate that and i will see you guys later happy thanksgiving to   the canadians out there tomorrow and we'll chat soon talk to you later you guys bye.

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