iPhone 12 MagSafe Accessories Review: Wallet, Charger, & Cases!

i'm andru edwards it's iphone 12 on iphone 12 pro launch week and i've got several magsafe cases and accessories that apple sent over for us to check out so let's do this this video is brought to you by casetify makers of unique phone cases with personality stay tuned to find out more one of the standout portions of apple's iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro launch event was the announcement of magsafe what was once a feature to keep your macbook secure if someone pulled on your cord is now a whole accessory ecosystem for the iphone 12.

now magsafe is built into the back of the iphone giving it a circular array and alignment magnet which guarantees that the iphone properly lines up with magsafe accessories like the ones i have here as we get started here i'm gonna have a bunch of content on the iphone 12 over this week be sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to stay up to date on all of them now magsafe was rumored prior to the event but i assumed it would just be apple's new wireless charging technology and magsafe does work for wireless charging but as you'll see later in this video the most fun aspects of magsafe might not have anything to do with charging at all but first yes it does work for wireless chargers which apple has bumped up to 15 watts when using magsafe but it is still 7.

5 watts if you're doing wireless charging with a qi charger instead apple's even announced their own mag safe duo charger that lets you charge both your iphone and apple watch and third-party accessory makers can make their own mag safe devices as well so let's get started with this one right here this is the standard magsafe charger here which apple sells for 39 as you can see this just snaps right on the back of the iphone 12 or iphone 12 pro thanks to the built-in magnet array just like that and it stays on there so once you attach the magsafe charger it's not going anywhere until you decide to remove it and the nice thing about this actually is so this is what i was worried about would magsafe require two hands to basically remove your device and it actually doesn't so you can just have a device on a magsafe charger and when you want to pick it up bam there you go no two hands required now one other cool thing about this magsafe charger is that this is also a qi charger so that means you can use this to wirelessly charge an iphone 8 iphone 10 10 s or 11 series and you can also use it to charge your air pods with wireless charging case or airpods pro and you can also use it to charge any other qi compatible devices that you might have and again this has a really nice heft to it and i like that because this is not gonna go sliding around your desk or your nightstand now one other thing to note when i open this box as you can see just taking a look at the size it does not include a usb power adapter now you can buy a 20 watt power adapter directly from apple or you can plug it into any other usbc type adapter that you already have let's talk about these mag safe cases apple's magsafe cases are 49 for both the clear and the silicone cases regardless of the iphone 12 model that you pick up so in other words it's the same 49 dollars whether you get an iphone 12 mini iphone 12 iphone 12 pro or iphone 12 pro max and also as you can see here it's actually the same case for the 12 and 12 pro since both phones are 6.

1 inches in size so you can see iphone 12 iphone 12 pro on both of those i wanted to take a moment to thank the sponsor of this video case defy case if i make smartphone cases and accessories with a unique sense of personality and style and you can even customize them to make a case that is uniquely your own case if i cases are 13 millimeters thin yet they're highly protective thanks to the two different layers that they're comprised of which protects it from drops on all four sides from a height of up to 6.

6 feet they're also made from sustainable materials and they've got an anti-microbial coating on top of that their iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro lineup is ready to be ordered and i have a few of them here that they sent over so here you can see i have a clear case with my initials at the bottom and this case actually was designed with my first name across the back they've also got tons of other designs like this grayscale camouflage but my favorite design that they sent over has to be this one right here this is really appropriate for what i do as you can see it is a clear case that has several stickers on it that make it look like it's ready to be shipped out for the amount of packages that i get on a daily basis this one speaks to me now if you want to find a casifly case that speaks to you you can check them out and get free shipping by heading to casetify.

com gearlive and that link will also be down in the description below if you want to take advantage of that free shipping offer and once again big thank you to castify for sponsoring this video so first let me give you a look at the clear case this is the magsafe clear case compared to last year's iphone 11 clear case as you can see they're identical except for the mag safe area you can see in there designed by apple in california magsafe and that is the magnet array when you put an iphone 12 or iphone 12 pro into this this is what it will look like the apple logo on back inside of the magsafe circle and then there is also the silicon case so the silicon case this one is the deep navy color that apple sent over and also take a look what happens when you attach a mag safe accessory to the iphone so again we've got the clear case which shows the magnetic array in the back and we've got the silicone case which does not now next let's talk about this right here this is the magsafe leather wallet for the iphone it's 59 and it lets you keep your id and credit cards easily accessible now these are made from european leather and the wallet is shielded so it's safe for credit cards from the actual magnet now apple sent me the black one here and it's also available in baltic blue saddle brown and california poppy and california poppy by the way is the one that i am definitely ordering for myself now one nice thing about this wallet is that even if you have one card in there it's not it's not gonna fall out it's not going anywhere you don't need to stuff a bunch of cards into this to make it secure so those are the accessories apple sent over but let's talk about stacking because in addition to being able to snap onto the back of your iphone like so magsafe devices can even stack on top of each other so for example you can have a magsafe case on your iphone and then attach a magsafe charger on top of that and as you can see it works fine or i can take the magsafe wallet off of the iphone 12 pro and attach it to the iphone 12 which has the case on it and as you can see there the wallet sticks to the iphone 12 with the case so magsafe is going to be absolutely huge once third-party manufacturers get going on this seriously the magsafe ecosystem is going to be massive and this is one of those things that apple comes up with that ends up adding tremendous value to their products especially for the average consumer and mark my words this is not going to end with just chargers cases and wallets as cool as that is and i am 100 ready for magsafe tripod mounts and pop sockets even came out yesterday and said they are going to make mag safe versions of pop sockets so there is no longer a need to worry about getting sticky adhesive on your case or on the back of your iphone so there you have it guys that was your look at apple's mag safe accessories all of which are compatible with the entire iphone 12 line so iphone 12 mini 12 12 pro and 12 pro max any questions you have about any of the accessories that i showed you leave them down below and i'll meet you there for further discussion again a bunch more iphone 12 content coming this week hit subscribe if you want to stay on top of all of them thanks so much for watching as always guys i appreciate your support i'm andru edwards and i will catch you in the next video.

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