iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Cases with MagSafe – Unboxing and Everything You Wanted To Know

Hi everyone Aaron here for zollotech and these are the brand new iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro silicone   cases from apple these are the replacement cases for the new design and they come in at ten dollars   more than last year and so they're up to 49 dollars now and i think that's because they have   magsafe so let's go ahead and unbox these we'll see how they charge how the magsafe connector   works on them and just take a general overall look and so i got all of the new colors there's also   white black and red but these are the new colors we have here as well as clear so from left to   right we have the color plum followed by deep navy then kumquat cypress green pink citrus and   then clear so let's go ahead and open them up and as you may have noticed already this is a paper   box compared to what we had last year with a plastic box   i already pulled the back tab off of just this one so let's go ahead and pull this out of here   see if there's anything else inside it looks like each one of them will just have a little   piece of paper here that has the medical device interface all sorts of different information here   and that's about it nothing else in the box we won't look at any of the others and you can   see there's sort of a round disc where the mag safe would be in the center so let's go ahead   and move that aside and take a look so we'll open it up like this i guess just peel this off   it's just tucked under and this is the plum color nothing else here other than showing you how to   put the case on now we have a ring in the center that's where magsafe is and that's what holds it   on to your iphone although there is a little bit of a lip on the edge so it looks like it will hold   it on a little bit better and so you have cutouts for the iphone 12 here you've got your lightning   port cut out your speaker microphone and then also you've got your power button on the right on the   left hand side you've got your volume buttons as well as a cutout for your silent switch or vibrate   switch and then of course on the back a cutout for your cameras this is plastic lined as well so it's   silicone on the back you have your apple logo in the middle and then around the camera cutout   it's plastic line so that's a little bit different now let's go ahead and take a look at the magnets   inside i've got some magnet paper here flip it over and you can see this is where the magnets are   so as soon as you put the magnet paper on there you can see where it is you've got that circular   magnet for the magsafe connector as well as one down at the bottom to help align it   so let's go ahead and open these up and then we'll see how it works with the charger   so we'll open the next one the deep navy i imagine this is what the new blue iphone will look like so that's deep navy it's a nice deep navy color the next one is kumquat just like the fruit here   let's go ahead and open that up this will make for great thumbnails i think   it's a nice bright vibrant orangish color and then the next one looks sort of like a a forest green but it says it's cypress green so we'll open this one up so that's sort of a forest green or i guess cypress green it's a nice dark green color   and then we have pink citrus open that up almost lost it there for a moment pink citrus sort of a maybe a grapefruit color i suppose   but a little bit extra pink in it and then finally we have clear so let's   open the clear case up and again you can see the price on every one of them   and there's the clear case now the good thing about the clear case this one's a little different   it doesn't have a wrapper around it but the good thing about the clear case is they don't tend to   yellow over time so you can see where the magnet cutout is some people may not like that but on the   inside it says iphone magsafe designed by apple in california assembled in china and then i guess   it's got a serial number so again if you put the magnet paper over it you're going to see the same   thing on every one of these now let's go ahead and take a look at the magsafe connector and see   how it adheres it clicks onto the back there and it's on there pretty good i think it's on there   fairly strong now it may double the strength once you have the magnets backed to the iphone as well   let's see if we can shake it off and if you shake it hard enough you could shake this off now if   you have it on the table and you pick it up it's not going to come off it's going to come with the   iphone and i mentioned this in the magsafe video that it would come with the iphone when you pick   it up so you could charge with it but this could be a disadvantage because well it's charging with   it and you don't necessarily always want that and you just want to be able to pick it up and   go so you're going to have to physically detach it now another thing i noticed with this case is   it covers the bottom last year's silicone cases in fact most silicone cases from apple didn't do that   so here is the white silicone case for the 11 pro max and you'll see it now covers the bottom so a   lot of people were complaining about this it will cover the bottom of your iphone no problem now   and it will keep it protected so i think that was a good move on apple's part now to give you a size   comparison idea with this particular case let's take a look at it with an iphone 11.

so here's an   iphone 11 the 12 is sort of replacing it so let's see what it looks like so if i put the case on the   back this gives you an idea of size so the iphone 12 is a little bit narrower compared to the iphone   11 and it's a little bit shorter as well at least in this particular instance so the 12 and 12 pro   are a little bit smaller than the 11.

 you'll see it sticks out there on the side   so if we align the camera again you can see around the edges that it sticks out   pretty well maybe a couple millimeters on the side and maybe a millimeter or so on the bottom   so it's a little bit smaller phone with the new one because it doesn't have those rounded edges   now another thing is let's see how close it is to the iphone 12 sort of prototype unit i have here   that case makers get just clips into place like that and it looks like they got it pretty close   so you'll see that it fits in there with the iphone in there you will have some lay on the   table protection so that's nice and it looks like the case manufacturers kind of got the prototypes   right so everything sort of aligns like you would expect now let's see if we can get a smaller phone   in here and see if we can charge through the case you should be able to on the iphone 12 and   of course they could bring these phones or bring the charging cases to the 11 if they wanted to   so i've got the se here that fits inside the iphone 12 case to sort of give you   a size comparison if i put that on the back you'll see that the iphone se is now charging   so it's magnetically adhered to the back we're charging and it's charging the se so it will   charge through the case it will also charge with non-mag safe charging cases so if you want to   use this with say a third-party charger instead of magsafe you can do that through these cases so let   me show you that so here is a third-party charger i can link it in the description if you'd like   but let's place it on the back and you'll see it's charging now so it doesn't magnetically adhere to   a third-party charger but the phone will charge through the case on a third-party qi compatible   charger of course you won't get those faster speeds that you get with the iphone 12 if you have   that so here are all the cases again the clear case is a hardened plastic as opposed to silicone   but they're very similar and you can see these are all the colors that are available   right now now i want to imagine they'll change these either for winter or next year for spring   they usually change the colors and if they do of course i'll do some videos on that as well but   let me know if you're going to pick up an apple case in the comments below i think they're really   great i don't know that they're a great value for the price but i like that they have the magnetic   charger i wish you didn't see this ring of magnets with maybe a white coating over i'd like to see   something a little bit different maybe just the magnets themself in the magnetic color but   it looks like they're hiding them like this but you can see what it looks like with the   magsafe connector connected to it so it's pretty nice that way and hopefully we see some really   nice third-party accessories and cases for older phones with magsafe as well so i like the idea   let me know which case is your favorite in the comments below i'd love to hear from you now of   course if you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper i'll link it in the description like   i normally do and if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed   the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron i'll see you next time you.

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