5 Key Features of Amazon Web Services

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Top Cloud Service Providers You Must Try 2021

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Lacework Achieves AWS Container Security Competency Status

Lacework is pleased to announce that we were recently awarded the AWS Container Security competency. This designation recognizes Lacework’s technical capabilities and proven success in helping companies detect and visualize threats in containerized environments. As organizations continue to embrace containers, it is even…Read More »

Sysrv-Hello Expands Infrastructure

Sysrv-hello is a multi-architecture Cryptojacking (T1496) botnet that first emerged in late 2020, and employs Golang malware compiled into both Linux and Windows payloads. The malware is equal parts XMRig cryptominer and aggressive botnet-propagator. The propagator leverages MySQL and Tomcat brute forcing…Read More »

5 Steps to Effective Container Security

Container security is a critical, but often under appreciated element of operating a rapid, DevOps approach to application development and deployment. Containers are rapidly becoming the go-to method for streamlining software development for innovative organizations of all sizes and IT budgets. Yet,…Read More »